A little bit about me. Well I was born and raised in New Orleans. I went to Mount Carmel Academy for high school. I received my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at Louisiana State University. I currently have two cats, Autumn and Mysty (you might as well picture Lucy and Ethel). I also have a blue long-haired (yet bald) chihuahua named, Olive. I recently got my first bee hive and that's been quite interesting...I would definitely describe myself as a busy-body. I like art, design, the outdoors, dancing, cooking, reading, beekeeping, soap making, candle making, and much more. I'm definitely one to always have a hobby to keep me occupied. Some would call me a hermit, others would say I'm a chatterbox. I guess the sun goes up and down each day now doesn't it! In 2013 I started my own bath and body business called, Shae Shea. It's really fun to spin my design ideas into more craft-like projects like soap. And who doesn't love going to a festival (especially festivals in New Orleans)?? Fun facts about me would include that I've never broken a bone or sprained a muscle. In my heyday I could kill 7lbs of crawfish without breaking a sweat (before I became allergic lol).