That Freelance Stuff.

If you're a major corporation or just a well established group, sure, you get some marketing people to "handle it". BAM! Branding! On the other hand, those awesome local vendors or the bold local that "went for it" and started the brick and mortar is still trying to get their name out there. I want to help that person. I've been in the field for a few years, and I've accumulated some pretty good resources. I feel like I have a good idea of the idea of a start up. I think a lot of design companies on the large scale can freak out mom-and-pop shops with their corporate pricing and jargon. I want to provide affordable and practical design services.

As a small business entrepreneur, I get it. You need to look fancy. You want to look like you've got it together. Who doesn't right? But it also needs to be on your level. Your level may dictate materials, pricing, style. etc. And I don't think sponsoring every small business means they will all take over the world (or at least their town) with their thing because not everyone wants to be the chief. But I want every small business, person, and organization to have the basics covered. Branding. Got it. Professionalism. Covered. Materials for what you actually need. Provided.

It's not about taking over the world. It's about making sure you have your place in it.

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